Festivals: Celebrating Life – ISA Activity

To apprise our toddlers with the festivity and joy associated with different festivals of the world, they were engaged in an ISA Activity – Festivals: Celebrating Life. In the activity the students with great joy and pride celebrated festivals of Barzil, China and Ireland. They prepared Collages, coloured worksheets based on different festivals of these… Continue reading Festivals: Celebrating Life – ISA Activity

Native Sports Competition – ISA Activity

“Sport increasingly crosses cultural and political boundaries in a way that few other activities can.” In our effort to bring awareness and to  revive the importance of Native Sports among our learners  the school organized ‘Native Sports Competition’ on December 19, 2016 in the school premises. This competition was also a part of the ISA… Continue reading Native Sports Competition – ISA Activity

Quiz Flora and Fauna – ISA Activity

A quiz was conducted as part of ISA Activity, Flora and Fauna in the month of October 2016. Students were indulged in variety of activities to understand the importance of preservation and conservation of our Flora and Fauna. Extensive research was done understand about the endangered and extinct animals. Students were also learned about various… Continue reading Quiz Flora and Fauna – ISA Activity

TIHS conducted International Folk Tales – An ISA Activity

“The protagonist of a folktale is always, and intensely, a young person moving through ordeals into adult life. . . . and this is why the reading of folktales become all the more eminent for young children to read.” The Indian Heights School conducted ISA Activity ‘International Folk Tales’ to impart an integrated learning thereby… Continue reading TIHS conducted International Folk Tales – An ISA Activity

Our Artists Our Pride – Pen-Picture/PPT – ISA Activity

Students of classes X-XII prepared ‘Power Point Presentation’ on May 9, 2016.  The students were divided into two teams and each team prepared a Power Point Presentation capturing the creativity of any two artists of the world. Through this activity students got an opportunity to learn and present their IT skills. This activity was followed… Continue reading Our Artists Our Pride – Pen-Picture/PPT – ISA Activity