Native Sports Competition – ISA Activity

“Sport increasingly crosses cultural and political boundaries in a way that few other activities can.”

In our effort to bring awareness and to  revive the importance of Native Sports among our learners  the school organized ‘Native Sports Competition’ on December 19, 2016 in the school premises. This competition was also a part of the ISA Activity.  Students of classes VIII & IX from  all the Four Houses; Prayas, Manas, Sanskar and Siddhant showcased their strength and agility  while playing this Inter-House Native Sports Competition. They   played one Native Sport  of United Kingdom which was Rugby  and another of India which was  Kho-Kho.  The event commenced with the welcome of the guests of the day of Ms. Parthivi Khurana (National Softball Player) and Mr. Vikas Kataria (Participant at National Level in Kho-Kho) followed by the draw for the both the games. The event was officiated by the guests individually. In her address, the school Principal stressed on the need to revive native sports as they have evolved and endured through the ages thereby promoting strong kinship ties and global community support. In Kho-Kho, Prayas House emerged as winning team and Manas House as runners up team. In Rugby, Sanskar House clinched the first position and Prayas House bagged the title of runners up team. The day witnessed a marvelous amalgamation of strength, skills and stamina as the students from all the Four Houses displayed team work and group coordination. The meritorious performances were cheered and applauded by one and all. The school management also appreciated the efforts made by the sports faculty and congratulated the Four Teams for their thunderous performance.

Native Sports Competition
                   Native Sports Competition

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