TIHS conducted International Folk Tales – An ISA Activity

“The protagonist of a folktale is always, and intensely, a young person moving through ordeals into adult life. . . . and this is why the reading of folktales become all the more eminent for young children to read.”

The Indian Heights School conducted ISA Activity ‘International Folk Tales’ to impart an integrated learning thereby involving subjects like Geography, History, English Language Learning and IT. The activities involving Research Work, Enactment,  Studying Folktales Adaptations, Spin-a-Yarn Competition and Listening Skills that made learning more knowledge and skill based.

Through listening skills activity the learners learned the pronunciation of new words and also about the stories of a particular nation. The activity further enhanced their listening skill. Besides the activity also made students acquaint with new words prominently used by the natives of that place.

Through Enactment the students learned about the living habits of the countries like UK, India,  China and Japan. They did research on the dresses and costumes and the way of living in a particular place, its topography and effects of the weather on the lifestyle of the people involving their eating, dressing, and even their means to earn their livelihood.

Through ‘Folktales Adaptation’ activity, the learners imbibed the global lesson that how all the folktales convey moral messages and impart value based teachings to all in any part of the world. They researched on how one value is depicted beautifully in all the folktales of the countries around the world and especially the four countries i.e. UK, China, Japan and India.

‘Spin a Yarn Activity’ as an inter-school competition, exhibited the core skills like pair work, creativity, impromptu skill and certainly the vocabulary of the students as the students from different schools weaved meaningful and moral based stories from the outline of the stories given. It was heartening to see the great story tellers.

International Folk Tales
                                                                International Folk Tales

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